Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Twins

I took some shots of Avery and Tate (my twin nephews who are 2) a few weeks ago and wanted to post a few. They were so funny...Tate was a total ham for the camera, and Avery would not even look at me...he was so stubborn. It's a miracle I got this one of him with a smile! They both have such gorgeous eyes and are so photogenic...I know they will soon tire of me taking their picture just as Knox has:) Hopefully when they all get out of the 2's they will be better subjects...or probably not:)




Kaye (aka Meme) said...

Carmen - these pictures are awesome - you are so good! I'm not just saying that because I love you either.

mandiandjosh said...

they are so precious! one blue eyes and the other green.

you need to be a prof. photographer!

Kimberlie Reese Denham said...

what beautiful eyes these boys have!!!