Thursday, October 4, 2007

Warning...lots of pictures!

Finally, I have some time to post! Kory is in upstate New York overseeing the installation of a bridge, so I'm a free woman. I can sit on the computer as long as I want and not one comment shall I hear:) Now I guess that sounds kind of bad, like he doesn't ever let me get on the computer. The truth is I get sucked in working in Photoshop, or reading blogs, or looking at a myriad of items to buy on the internet...and then sadly my poor husband gets neglected.

Anyways, we have been busy here with two little kids. Lizzie finally popped a tooth out about 3 weeks ago, and now she's working on the second! She was no longer needing the title of 'Miss Fussypants', but now I'm afraid she's heading down that road again. Hopefully the second tooth won't take as long. She is also crawling everywhere and climbing up on everything...which means I can't turn my back on her for one second. She is quite curious and very adventurous.

Knox is just a busy, busy boy. He has always been as sweet as can be, but the past week or so he's starting to show a new side...a bossy side. He's starting to demand that I put Lizzie down (so I can hold him), or that I stop talking to my mom (so he can have Grandma's full attention), or that I stop looking at stuff when we're out shopping. I'm hoping that this is a faze, but I'm afraid that this might be leading into the behavior of a 2 1/2 old.

So, yesterday, when they were both displaying their dark sides, I think I basically lost my mind. I'm pretty sure it was my worst day of motherhood so far...but surely there will be days to top it in the future:) It's pretty bad when I asked my mom and my mother-in-law to pray for me! Having more patience is definitely my biggest prayer for myself right now.

I have an overload of pics to post since it's been awhile. Of course they're mostly of Lizzie...she's the only cooperative one in the family. Here's my attempt at a Fall portrait:)

Here's Lizzie the first day she stood up in her crib. When I walked in to get her from her nap, I knew I was in trouble:)

Here's Lizzie playing with the Legos at Grandma and Grandpa's...

Just a few obligatory naked pics...

I guess I should include one of Knox...I promise I love him, too...he is just already an expert at avoiding the camera. Here's Knox and Lizzie with their new winter pjs on:)


Laurie Frantz said...

Please tell me why you are not a professional photographer and charging big bucks to take peoples pictures?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you don't pray for patience. The Bible says the way to patience is through tribulation...that, I'm sure, is not what you are looking to happen. Just pray that they are better and it requires less patience from you. Blessings, -Cheryl (Wayne's Ma)

Ashley & Bobby said...

YOu definitely need to do this professionally Carmen....your pics are great! Lizzie is so precious! I can't believe how much she is growing. Hope to see you soon!