Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we got quite a bit of snowfall, which means the first sledding of the year! Poor Knox has been waiting patiently since the summer to use his sled. He saw it in the garage and wanted to use it so badly. I said not until the winter when there's snow. So, of course, the boy who doesn't forget anything has been talking about it every since. So, Papa braved it in the cold and took him sledding in the yard. Notice Papa isn't really dressed appropriately...he claims he doesn't really need a winter coat:) Anyways, I could only stand it as long as it took to get some pictures. I know Kory probably doesn't appreciate me putting all these pictures of him up, but I just think they're all so sweet...I'm sure Meme agrees:)

Knox was a little apprehensive going down the hill, but he loved it!

A few of Lizzie and her famous tongue!

Just a few of bathtime. Lizzie loves the bath! She crawls all over and tries to take all of Knox's toys:)

Last, but not least, I had to add a picture of the beautiful roses that Kory gave me for our anniversary....what a sweet husband:)

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Ryan said...

Hey!!! You're pictures are beautiful. Sometimes I envy you the snow you get up there.