Thursday, March 6, 2008

Miss Madison at 7 months

This past weekend I got to visit with Sara and get some shots of her adorable Madison. I can't believe she's already 7 months old, but I guess it's hard to believe Lizzie is one. She is just the cutest thing, with the biggest blue eyes...I could take pictures of her all day long. Gotta love her hair, too...Lizzie is still very jealous. I don't think Lizzie will be sportin' pigtails until she's in school...maybe high school. Anyways, just wanted to share a few (or a lot:))...

Last shot of the afternoon...she was over it, and just really wanted to chew on those sunglasses:)

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Ryan said...

Your pictures are great. Do you do something with the colors like use photoshop or have settings on your camera?? I"ve been trying to figure out how to enhance colors in my pictures but don't know if I need a certain program or a do you just have great light? Either way, they are wonderful pictures!!!