Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 months...and crawling?!

Lizzie turned 5 months yesterday, and she is just one active little girl. She is already getting in the crawling position and pushing herself forward. She also knows how to just scoot herself forward and get basically anywhere she wants. Right now she seems to want to get to any of Knox's toys. It's just so different for her to be so active as Knox didn't start crawling until about 10 months.

The poor girl is still teething terribly...everyday I'm feeling that bottom gum and hoping those teeth have popped out. It's been over a month now...how long must she suffer? Or should I say "we"?

I keep getting these shots of her with such a serious or worried look on her face. She gives this face quite often, but on the contrary, she is such a smiley baby. I think I need an assistant to make her smile when I'm taking pictures. I guess I need to start training Knox...he will be very cheap labor.

Here she is ready to go...

She's found a new toy to chew on...Knox's car! With rubber tires, too...jackpot:)

Chewing on the fingers...this has become an addiction...she needs serious help...

Well, didn't want to leave Knox out. He had a good old time eating this watermelon, and, of course, was quite the sticky mess. My mom told him to go eat it in the grass...apparently that's what she told us to do as kids, but I think we were old enough to understand to stand up and eat it so we wouldn't get messy:)


Laurie Frantz said...

Carmen- I cannot get over how incredible your pictures are. Are you taking them for people professionally?? What kind of camera do you have?? Please share! I wish I lived in Wisc. so I could pay you to take pics of Annaleigh!!!

mandiandjosh said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe she is getting ready to crawl. She and Preston will get along just fine! (not that he is crawling yet)