Friday, July 13, 2007

My Birthday Present

For my birthday I asked for one day to myself to go shopping, and yesterday I was able to cash in on that. My wonderful in-laws arrived from Nashville just in time to spend the whole day with Knox, and my mom watched Lizzie.

So, I took off early for the Twin Cities for a full day of shopping, shopping and more shopping:) Actually, I was able to meet my good friend Katie for lunch in Stillwater, which was really great. So, technically, it wasn't all about shopping. I went to the Mall of America and got some really great deals. Everyone is getting rid of summer stuff...the Gap already had Fall stuff in! I was able to look as long as I wanted at H & M and Nordstrom Rack (Kory's least favorite stores ever). No fussy husband sitting on the bench time limit! It was great! I think maybe I need to ask for this more often:)

Thanks Mom, Kory, Kaye, and Jerry for giving me such a great birthday present:)


mandiandjosh said...

Happy Birthday Carmen. I thought about you on the day but forgot to call. Sorry:(
I am glad you had such a great day!

Kaye (aka Meme) said...

Knox is a great entertainer. We had a wonderful day with him. It was fun watching Lizzie roll over and try to crawl. I wish we could do this more often. Thank you for having such beautiful children for us to enjoy. I can't seem to get the Thomas theme song out of my head since we left yesterday morning, and we are ending all our sentences with .....OKAY.....?