Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Burtons come to town

Last weekend Ginny and Sloan and little Ari came up from Nashville to see us in exciting! Of course they had to come for the few days that it was extremely cold. Sunday morning I think the temperature was -14 and the wind chill was -41. We are all so very proud that Ginny didn't turn into a popsicle:) I think they got a little taste of life in WI when it's that just stay inside. We had so much fun hanging out, though. Poor Miss Ari was sick, but she was quite the trooper. So, we didn't have any big adventures outside in the snow, but Sloan did get to ride the snowmobile around the yard a little. I have to say he was fearless:) Of course we weren't very good at remembering to take pictures but I did get a few.

Here's some of Sloan tearin' it up!

Our sweet little girls playing so nice together:) I wish Lizzie would play so well with Knox.

Ginny and I with our growing brood...well hers is anyways:)

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mandiandjosh said...

gin said she had a great time but i agree that she isn't much for -14! cute pictures!