Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evening at the park

Monday night I met my mom and the twins, Avery and Tate, at the park for a little picnic and playing. It's so funny to watch all three boys run around and chase squirrels, pick up every stick they find, and roll around on the ground wrestling. Boys will definitely be boys. When I see them all together I always think, I'm so glad I don't have three 3 year old boys. One is enough for me, so kudos to Jenn for having two:)

The boys trying to get the squirrels...

Very excited!

Boys being silly!

My attempt to get a picture of me and Lizzie...she wasn't very cooperative.

All the kids doing Itsy Bitsy Spider...

A video of the kids singing Itsy Bitsy Spider...(my mother is singing in the background:))

(Warning: sorry about the screaming at the end...I was too lazy to edit it)


Anonymous said...

wow the twins are so big! love knox's smile when they are being silly at the table. lizzie is so beautiful! i love how she looks more like you than kory since knox is a spitting image of kory! miss you! jenn

Jen said...

I Love the song! How cute! It sure makes me want to quit my job so I could be in on all of the fun:) If you wouldn't mind I would love a disk of those pictures (all of your adventures to the park). The pictures of all of the kids together are too cute! God bless you for capturing those priceless moments. Talk to you soon.